Bandcamp Friday - Belarusian Friday

Bandcamp Friday - Belarusian Friday

Hello, friends and medieval music lovers,

This Friday, 4th September (from midnight to midnight), is a Bandcamp Friday, that means Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share for all sales to help musicians. But we would like to announce this Friday as a BELARUSIAN FRIDAY in support of our affected friends and their families, who need help now. We think you have heard news about Belarus, our motherland, where people are trying to protect their rights and voices in a peaceful manner, but victimized by the regime. All our share for all sales of our music and merch we’ll give to affected friends and colleagues.

Some Friday offers:

1) Full digital discography (15 releases) with 50% discount
2) Wooden USB Flash Drive 'Super Fan Collection' with 30% discount. Use the promo code: belarusianfriday (expires at 11:59pm UTC on 5 Sept)
3) Any CD + one free digital album
4) Linoprint Handmade Postcard with autographs + one free digital album
5) Any other merch + one free digital album

Visit Stary Olsa page on Bandcamp.

If you are already have all our music, but in solidarity with Belarusians and would like to help, you can support people in Belarus through:
- GoFundMe fund. We know the fundraiser and his family personally. They are incredible Belarusians, who live in the US. They have hosted the Stary Olsa band during the tours in the US.
- International fund for targeted assistance
- Belarus Solidarity Foundation

WHAT'S UP in Belarus in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Lithuanian: here


P.S. Stary Olsa is still safe. We are on the streets with our music for emotional support of people.