Laddzia Rospačy

The audio play based on the novel 'The Boat of Despair' by Uladzimir Karatkievič, a classic of Belarusian historical prose. The album contains an artistic reading of the novel accompanied by mediaeval music. The music base consists of the band’s works taken from all the albums. The story takes place in the 16th c. and is greatly filled with mystery. The main character doesn’t agree to live according to the rules and “comme il faut”, he rebels against predestination in this world, as well as in the realm of Death.
Language: Belarusian
1. Vylivacha
2. Bona Sforca
3. Smierć
4. Laddzia
5. Rahačoŭcy
6. Šypšyna
7. Biarozka
8. Bierah smierci
9. Huĺnia
10. Druhaja huĺnia
11. Darahi dar
12. Viartannie