Bell is a percussion instrument with the definite pitch. The tool has light sounding tone at the piano, and shiny and bright at the fort.

Jingles are small metal rattles (bell); hollow balls with a small solid ball (few balls) inside. It is fixed to a wooden handle.

Little plates - a set of small metal plates fixed to a wooden handle in several rows.

Plates are shock-percussion instrument with an indefinite pitch. Known since ancient times, met in Armenia (VII century BC. E.), China, India, later in Greece and Turkey. According to the iconographic sources known in Belarus since the XVI century.

Klomps are traditional Dutch wooden shoes. Normally used as a protective footwear. Stary Olsa band use them as a rhythmic percussion instrument. Produce dry, clear and precise sound.

Gong is a percussion instrument in the form of a flat brass or bronze disc, suspended vertically by means of 1–2 cords, which is played with beaters or a hand. According to iconographic sources, it is known in Belarus since the 16th c.

A singer with a bowl gong, a fragment of miniature David plays, scribes write, and people blow , Explanatory Psalter, early 16th c., Viĺnia School
A demon with a bowl gong, a miniature fragment of the Radzivills’ Сhronicle Demons play in Monk Isaiah’s Cell, 15th-16th c.