Awesome concert season 2019! 20-year anniversary of the band. This year Stary Olsa has performed in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Serbia, Lithuania, USA.

Own concerts: Minsk, Brest, Homiel, Hrodna, Lodz, Krakow, Elbląg, Gdansk, Warsaw.

Festivals: World Championship Battle of the Nations (Serbia), Night of Museums (Belarus), Halshany Castle Festival (Belarus), Danburg Knight Festival (Russia), Epoch of Knighthood (Belarus), Budzistowo - Ancient Kołobrzeg (Poland), Ancient Music Festival in Lviv (Ukraine), Midsummer Festival (Belarus), Kupalskaje Kola (Belarus), Festival Zone II European Games (Belarus), Utgard (Slovakia), Independence Day celebration (Belarus), Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė (Lithuania), Medieval Days in Viljandi (Estonia), Pierabroddzie Star Traditional Celebration (Belarus), Knight Festival in Mscislau (Belarus), Europe Championship of Traditional Archery (Poland), Music Christmas Festival (Belarus).

Shows and festivals in the USA: Minnesota Renaissance Festival (MN), Utah Renaissance Faire (UT), Des Moines Renaissance Faire (IA), St. Louis Renaissance Festival (MO), Ansteorra 40th Year Celebration (OK), Clayshire Castle Medieval Faire (IN), Connecticut Renaissance Faire (CT), Rosenvolk Medieval Festival (IN), Ukrainian Insitute of Modern Art in Chicago (IL), Fayetteville Public Library (AZ), National Music Museum (SD), Colorado College (CO), University of Colorado Boulder (CO), Museum of Russian Art (MN), Columbia Maker Faire (MD), shows in clubs and churches in Salt Lake City (UT), Des Moines (IA), Kansas City (KS), New York (NY), Greenbelt (MD), Harisburg (PA), Akron (OH), Washington (DC).