Stary Olsa's tour in USA!

The band planning to tour in USA.

"Heroic Epos of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania", Minsk, Nov 15

The big solo concert of the band in Minsk (Belarus).

Pink Floyd by Stary Olsa! (video)

The new cover from the Stary Olsa band!

Their status as an internet sensation

With Medieval Instruments, Band Performs Classic Songs by Deep Purple, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica & The Beatles.

Kupaĺskaje Kola-2015 (Belarus)

20.06.2015 STARY OLSA on the VII International pagan-folk-metal Festival Kupaĺskaje Kola-2015.

“Early instruments of Belarus” documentary by Zmicier Sasnoŭski

Five early musical instruments from Belarus, five characters, five stories.

Bagpipe Festival-2015

STARY OLSA, Lity Taler, Pawa, Kapela Dudziarzy Wielkopolskich (Poland).
Museum Complex Dudutki (Belarus, Minsk region)


09.05.2015 medieval discotheque from Stary Olsa band in Beetlejuice Cafe (Minsk).


“Don’t Enter!” – From Enchanted Swamps

Stary Olsa honours the past of our collective homeland and reminds us of what once was lest our memory become clouded.