Abarona Kryčava

Defense of Kryčaŭ.
Folk ballad. 13th-16th c.
The lyrics are according to Vaclaŭ Lastoŭski, music is folk, both used tunes are from the BNT Social Songs chrestomathy (Minsk, 1987).
Some researchers believe that this song might have been created in the 13th c. during the Mongol-Tartar Yoke. Others say the song reflects the events of 1508 when the Crimean Tartars went to help the Russian Army that invaded some lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It seems like Tartar soldiers attacked Kryčaŭ and were battered by the town defenders.

1. Padymaliś čorny chmary nieba pakryvali,
Čorny chmary nieba pakryvali,
Prychadzili zly tatary dy pad Kryčaŭ stali,
Zly tatary dy pad Kryčaŭ stali.

2. Zapalili stary Kryčaŭ viežy zapylali
Viežy zapylali, zapylali;
Stary Kryčaŭ padymaŭsia liudzi ŭ rady stali,
Padymaŭsia liudzi ŭ rady stali.

3. Palilasia kroŭ zmiašalaś z čornaju ziamlioju,
Kroŭ zmiašalaś z čornaju ziamlioju,
Zly tatary padalisia ŭciakać hurboju,
Padalisia ŭciakać hurboju.